Episode 68 – Free Masons From Conspiracy


Lots of people think the Freemasons are up to something. Probably because they make creepy websites like this one. But anyone who’s ever actually met a Freemason would realize they’re just a bunch of nerds who want a clubhouse. Check out the guy in this video. I don’t really get the impression he’s part of a world-wide plot. Unless hideous sweaters are a world-wide plot. Which, come to think of it, they kind of are. Open your eyes people!

People also don’t trust the Freemasons because they keep secrets. People generally don’t like people who keep secrets. Unless they’re keeping your secrets. In that case, they have character.

And by “character” I mean being a total square and not being around anyone even vaguely cooly-wooly for an evening (that’s what’s up with the compasses in Masonic imagery). Which is why “having character” seems to be what Freemasonry really is all…

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UN appoints Russian diplomat Vladimir Voronkov as first UN Counterterrorism Chief

The Ugly Truth


RT – Voronkov “will provide strategic leadership to UN counterterrorism efforts, participate in the decision-making process of the UN and ensure that the cross-cutting origins and impact of terrorism are reflected in [its] work,” Guterres’ deputy spokesman Farhan Haq said while announcing the appointment. CONTINUE READING

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Krakow Gets A New Archbishop : How Did He Get Through The FrancisMercy Net?

The Deus Ex Machina Blog


It’s turning out to be a busy day.

More good news. Today we learned that Krakow got a new archbishop. He is Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski. And just to give you a flavor of the new archbishop’s style and form, I have translated a post from a Polish website, that contain some of the Archbishop’s classic thoughts.

The other significant aspect of this appointment is that the new archbishop replaces Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz. (see here) This is also good news for the Polish Episcopate who has been fighting off infiltration into its ranks from the … let’s call it the Coprophagians.

The original post comes via the Telewizja Republica website. (see here)


Archbishop Jędraszewski, a nightmare for leftists and liberals! Here are the strongest statements of the Archbishop of …

The new Archbishop of Krakow, Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski  is really a tough competitor. He exposed himself to the attacks…

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Don Camillo (1952)


I am not a party animal. I do not drink. I have two left feet. Loud music makes my head throb. I find it difficult to keep awake after 11 PM. So when friends ask, “What’re you doing on New Year’s Eve?” I say, “Watching a movie at home.”
And what better way to say goodbye to a bad year with a film that you hope will be a sign of things to come? A movie that embodies all the joy you want for the dawning year?

Don Camillo (Le Petit Monde du Don Camillo in French – it was a Franco-Italian production) is the story of a little town in the Po Valley in Italy. Even though it is named for its lead character, the Catholic priest of the town, the film is not just about the hot-headed Don Camillo and his arch-enemy, the communist Mayor Peppone, but…

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Gay History: John Church (Minister)


John Church (1780 – c. 1835) was an Independent minister who was most famous for his involvement in the homosexual scandal of the Vere Street Coterie. He is often claimed as the first openly gay ordained Christian minister in England. Contemporary rumours about this are unproveable one way or the other, though circumstantial evidence may suggest that his “inordinate affections which led me into error”[1] can be equated with homosexual inclinations.


A foundling discovered as a toddler barely able to walk on the steps of St John’s Church Clerkenwell (hence his name) or St Andrew’s Church Holborn, Church’s parents are unknown. He was sent to the Foundling Hospital and spent his first six years in the care of a woman at Hadlow, near Tonbridge in Kent, before returning to the hospital. There he remained, receiving a rudimentary education, including how to read but not how to write…

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Gay History: Chevalier d’Eon


From Wikipedia

Due to the unique circumstances of d’Éon’s life, this article avoids the use of gendered pronouns by repeating the name instead (see talk page).

Portrait of d’Éon by Thomas Stewart (1792), at the National Portrait Gallery
Caricature of d’Éon dressed half in women’s clothes, half in men’s clothes
D’Eon’s name listed on the south face of the Burdett Coutts memorial
Charles-Geneviève-Louis-Auguste-André-Timothée d’Éon de Beaumont (5 October 1728 – 21 May 1810), usually known as the Chevalier d’Éon, was a French diplomat, spy, freemason[1] and soldier who fought in the Seven Years’ War. D’Éon had androgynous physical characteristics and natural abilities as a mimic, good features for a spy. D’Éon appeared publicly as a man and pursued masculine occupations for 49 years, although during that time d’Éon successfully infiltrated the court of Empress Elizabeth of Russia by presenting as a woman. For 33 years, from 1777, d’Éon dressed as…

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Gay History: Francis Richard Shackleton, and the Theft of the Irish Crown Jewels.


Article taken fromhttp://homepage.eircom.net/~seanjmurphy/irhismys/

The theft of the Irish Crown Jewels by a person or persons unknown in 1907 is one of the most famous and puzzling mysteries of Irish history, and has been the subject of numerous books and articles. (1) The Jewels were worn during functions of the Order of St Patrick and were entrusted to the care of Ulster King of Arms, Ireland’s chief herald and genealogist. Many and various are the theories which have been advanced over the years to explain what happened to the Jewels, with allegations that they were stolen by insiders, or by Unionist conspirators eager to derail Home Rule, or by Republican plotters seeking to embarrass the British government. On the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the issue of the report of an official commission of investigation into the loss of the Jewels, (2) it might be worthwhile to revisit…

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