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NOTE: According to Robert W. Allison, who is responsible for the The Philotheou Monastery Project, “Out of deference to the wishes of the Holy Fathers of Philotheou Monastery, the publication of research work related to the monastery and under the Monastery’s name has been removed from the World Wide Web. The Monastery continues to support the project, and together we look forward to publication of much of this work in the near future. I, personally, am understanding of their wishes, and deeply appreciative of their long support for this work.” This may be the reason that not too much current, up-to-date information on Philotheou can be found on the internet. This article is from February 4, 2012:

Nikodemos 1

“It is true that along with the general crisis afflicting our Greece—and this especially worries us—a great sadness additionally flooded our hearts when we learned about the injustice against the Reverend…

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