fall of jersualem

Today 915 years ago, on July 15, 1099, one of the most heinous and barbarous war crimes in the long bloody history of the human race occurred on the soil of perhaps the most contested place on planet Earth: Jerusalem. After a siege of a little more than a month, European knights of the First Crusade forced the Muslim Fatimid governor of Jerusalem, Iftikhar al-Dawla, to yield the city. When the Crusaders entered their holy city on that blazing afternoon, the bloodbath that resulted still has the capacity to shock the world today, even against the backdrop of the horrific brutality of the Middle Ages that makes our own nuclear era look like a paragon of peace. The Christian crusaders proceeded to slaughter thousands of Jews and Muslims within the walls of Jerusalem in cold blood, possibly killing as many as 10,000 innocent people.

The story of the First Crusade is an…

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