Alex Imreh

Present day Y-haplogroups in Romania:
Before Farming Ro DNA – 33%: I1-4.5%, I2/I2a-26%, I2b-2.5%
Middle East Farmers DNA – 35%: J2/J1-15%, E1b1b-15%, G-5%
Old Europe DNA – 68% : I1/2-33% + J1/E1/G – 35%
Kurgan, Celt & Slav DNA – 29.5% : R1a-17.5% + R1b-12%.
Kurgan/Celt DNA 17.5% : R1a-17.5%,
Kurgan/Slav DNA – 12%: R1b-12%

vlachsThe true lineage of the historic Arab people (so mainly from Jordan and Saudi Arabia) is J1-YSC235 and its subclade,J1-P858. E1b1b-M34 is another important Arabic lineage, being found in 25% of Jordanians and 10% of Saudis.The two most common Jewish subclades of J1 downstream of P58 are L816 and ZS227.

12.000BC-6000BC – I1/2 before farmers
6000BC-5000BC – J1/2,E1b1,G bring farming from Middle Asia

6500-2000 BC Burned house horizon

5508 BC Anno Mundi – the biblical creation of the world
5700-4500 BC Vinca Culture
5500-2750 BC Cucuteni Culture


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