Old Europe


kg0georgiaGolden ox figurine found in Maykop kurgan/mid-3rd millennium BC., Hermitage Museum & 3000 B.C(!?!), golden figurine of the Beddeni Culture, Alazani Valley in Georgia.

kg1Extraordinary kurgan burial shines new light on Sarmatian life, of the Early Iron Age, in the 1st millennium BC. More than one thousand artefacts were recovered from a tomb in the Orenburg region / Russia’s Southern Ural steppes, in 2013. ”Nomadic” culture in steppes. pasthorizonspr.com/sarmatian-life

kg5kg12Scythian gold zoomorphic handle from southern Urals, 4th century BC & Gold plaque of a deer, dated from the 5th century B.C. It was found in Kul Oba Barrow, near ancient Crimea, Ukraine. (excavations by P.A. Debrux, year 1830).

kg6kg7Plaque of a Scythian horseman, gold 4th century BC & Omphalos-Schale (Phial) Gold, Scythian culture from late 5th – early 4th century B.C., Dnieper Area, Zaporozhye Region Russia (now Ukraine) / State Hermitage Museum.

Barbarians? Look at their jewelry art! 8th…

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