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I was so bored I had to start doing something, so I decided to visit 3 places in 5 hours. It was a bit tough but I managed to do it anyway 😉 Oh, and my parents came with me, for the very first time.

We got to São Jorge’s field at around 11.00am just to see the place where the Aljubarrota battle took place, and allow me to say, what a disappointment! I wasn’t expecting to see dead bodies and 50.000 men fighting, but come on! Not even a tourist information plaque? As far as I know they kept building houses in that battlefield and built a museum, dedicated to the portuguese victory, right in the middle of it! It’s absolutely ridiculous! And by the way, it’s closed! (Oh yes, it’s closed for 3 years now, thats what someone told me). Portugal…always leaving historical places like this behind. (See…

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